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TIMECAMERA ('.com' & '.co.uk.') has now established a world-wide presence in the form of diverse advertising to promote our vintage cross-cultural restored image collections. We are also growing physically, although we still consider ourselves a small business.

 Our main distribution point near Cardiff, Wales currently handles the mail order, packaging and shipping of our retailed digital products globally while the London office is mainly concerned with corporate accounts and administration.

 Guiding the operations under the C. & M.A. Smith umbrella are a small team of dedicated individuals with a long history in business, computers and also a background in digital imagery.

Mainstay of the business is the successful range of vintage image collection titles (plus radio show compilations) and the Discount Bulk Packages (for business users) linked to via the Quick Subjects List.

 New image subjects coming shortly will include Antique Bird Illustrations, Antiquarian Fish Illustrations, Botany, Old Masters Volume 4, Antique Maps, London Engravings, The New York Collection, Fashion Plates Volume 2, The Travel Collection, unique (high resolution, restored & enhanced) Baseball Cards series, plus a few additional 'Large Format' subjects, together with several other exciting projects currently in the pipeline including a 3D anaglyph series.

 Showroom premises with extended studio facilities are also planned for the future to supplement our current mail order and internet operations and to provide a first hand retail demonstration of the excellent capabilities of our uniquely enhanced 'print your own' series of sixty different vintage image collections (and growing) on both Disc and USB Flash Memory.

 We are now also inviting individuals with an interesting and rare collection of photos or prints which could possibly be made into a future, wide-appeal, image collection to get in touch.

 If suitable we will then quickly make high resolution scans and return them intact. Next we begin the process of restoring and enhancing all the images to make them suitable for digital reproduction print-making. The resulting collections will then be marketed and distributed by us on disc, on a royalty basis payable to the original owner or after a one-off payment (while they get to keep their original collections intact). Keep checking back for future new releases!

About the Product ...

The Timecamera range is unique in having many special attributes, including the following....

 1. The images are all of a good printable size on all standard printers and also large format too with several of the collections. Too often we see amateur image compilations with dubious copyright being touted on-line at certain venues mainly by their quantity i.e. thousands of images on a CD. The computer literate you will know that only tiny images of this quantity will fit on a CD and therefore they are of no practical use for making prints.

We have moved! Please note our new address below.

 We have even seen one similar seller of a large quantity claiming each of their "high resolution images" was 300dpi but on examination they each proved to be no bigger than one inch square! When enlarged to a sensible size they were un-viewable. We are at Timecamera however provide top value for money and can claim to offer the best collections around for the price.

2. Not just an unbeatable price but we also provide images that have been painstakingly restored or enhanced specially for digital print making. Very few take the trouble to do this but we believe it important where the aim is to make quality prints, whether for your own use by purchasing collections on this site or for commercial use via our sister site Timecamera.com. It is also important to not go too far with restorations but to retain the old 'vintage' look of images, and we believe we have struck the right balance here.

The list could go on, but testimonials from our customers are perhaps the best way of getting the message across succinctly - such as the following recently received example...

Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with the DVD of crate/cigar labels that we recently purchased from you.
We have previously tried similar products and found them to be no more than basic resolution scans of book pages that have subsequently proved to be a useless waste of money.
We weren't sure what to expect from your product but we all agree, the quality way exceeds everyone's expectations and we will definitely be back for more :-)
Grateful thanks from all of us to all of you.
Kind Regards,

GW Colour Services.



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Copyright 2006-13 C.& M.A.Smith/Timecamera. All prints and photographs featured on this site are the result of extensive restoration work and are protected Internationally under strict Copyright Law. No images or written text shall be reproduced without our express written permission. Sales are offered on the basis that the images shall not be misrepresented or sold onwards as originals.