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Newly Updated & Expanded. On DVD or USB Flash Memory!

The Vintage Eclectic Collection


THIS great money-making or personal use image collection comprises several different folders of attractive commercial size vintage images up to 10x8 inches. Print and/or sell rare vintage photo portraits of famous historical people, many old Egyptian colour prints, beautiful chocolate box type images, seed catalogues and colourful tobacco trade cards.
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 Combined on one DVD as standard (or on Premium Edition USB Flash Memory Stick if preferred) this not-to-be-missed collection provides an eclectic compilation of several popular subjects in a big, newly expanded 370x Master Image Files Collection.

Complete with 'Print' Sales Permission if required. See the
Terms of Use

Many Portraits...


Timecamera collections comprise Restored/Enhanced images for Print Making!

One important folder within this collection comprises some 60-plus large-size Photo Portraits of famous historical figures - from Churchill to Jesse James, and from Dickens to Einstein. As usual you have a completely free hand and can make as many of these authentic looking prints as you like in accordance with the Terms of Use. You may also reduce them in size to normal photo dimensions for even greater resolution.

 Wholesale Opportunities...

There is enough material here to virtually guarantee BIG extra sales (for those who choose to include Print Sales Permission) as each of the personalities in the collection has its own group of keen collectors. Just take the Einstein photo included, for example - how many science students out there would feel it essential to have his framed portrait on the wall? Thousands? How many text-book shops are out there for potential wholesale orders too...again thousands? And that's just one type of possible outlet for just one of the many pictures supplied.

Left: An example of one of 50 Les Fleurs Animes c1847 prints included!

Also in the collection are many other wonderful, charming prints. Many are of the Victorian 'chocolate box' variety, accompanied by 100+ colourful old Egyptian prints plus beautiful antique tobacco trade ephemera and cigar box labels, also vintage seed catalogue covers.

Altogether the entire compilation comprises some 370 large quality master files on a choice of different media for you to create and sell authentic looking prints and photos to your heart's content. Don't miss this one - it's a favourite collection among dealers and a real money maker with very attractive images for print/photo making.

Trade Cards, Chocolate Box Images, Seed Catalogues, Colourful Egyptian Prints Series
& Much More!

~ All Uniquely Restored & Enhanced ~


Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Edison

INCLUDED in the portraits section of the DVD are photos of: Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Custer, General Grant, Graham Bell, Hans Christian Anderson, Geronimo, Annie Oakley, Tom Thumb, Frank Lloyd Wright, Billie Holiday, David Lloyd George, Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin, Sitting Bull, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Jesse Owens, Marie Curie, John Brown, Calamity Jane, John Wilkes Booth, Sigmund Freud, Marconi, Jesse James, Lewis Caroll, Robert E. Lee, Lillian Russell, Adolf Hitler, Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, Dorothy and Lillian Gish, Yeats, Greta Garbo, Henry Ford, Helen Keller, William Cody, Churchill, Edgar Allan Poe, Isadora Duncan, Mark Twain, Karl Marx, Conan Doyle Charles Lindbergh, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Howard Hughes, Marx Brothers, Maude Adams, Vladimir Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Charles Dickens and more...

Don't Panic - there are plenty of images to go round! Incidentally, the saleable Print on the left (a WW2 inspirational sign) has just been added to the collection. Print it approx A4 or larger.

ORDER the Premium Edition 'Eclectic Collection' below on a USB Flash Memory Stick including some 20 added bonus images. Or save with the Standard DVD Disc Edition (as described above). Both versions include Print Sales Permission!



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