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Latest and biggest in our popular series of c1900 Edwardian Colour Photochroms/Photos Collections -

~ c1900 England ~
A Giant Edwardian Colour Photochroms Collection for Print Making - Start a Business!

Timecamera Photochroms are the Highest Quality Available

 ~ Over 1,000 Large Scenes for both Standard Size and Larger Format Computer Printers ~

A MASSIVE COLLECTION OF 1,000+ giant 30mb tiff format original high resolution scans (300dpi+ see details below) plus approx. 650 unique examples of smaller enhanced/restored versions too - minimally compressed .jpg format, size 10x7inches - on the same disks, ready for making/selling authentic-looking reproduction photochrom prints. All combined on a major 9 Volumes series of DVDs!
This huge 9-Volume collection is available as an exciting 'expansion pack' for customers of our Complete Business Packages or as a great stand-alone business. After all, there's more than enough scope in just this one giant package alone to start a full time home-based Print Publishing Business with a huge customer demand (and high profit potential) everywhere! The scope is truly enormous - not just for framed Print sales through gift and souvenir shops everywhere but also to owners of the many shops, businesses and office buildings featured throughout the series as well as various other local residents. Who would pass up the opportunity to purchase at a reasonable price a large, attractive and rare colour view of their own local area as it was over 100 years ago? The collection is essential and at less than 6 per entire DVD Volume it certainly shouldn't be passed up!

 The only equipment you will need is the computer you probably already own plus a standard (or large format) photo quality inkjet Printer. Simply load the images onto your computer and you're ready to create as money-making prints as you want, either 10 inches - or larger if your printer can handle it!   The entire package is offered at a special discounted price too, representing tremendous value for money with both retail and wholesale print selling opportunities. Big colour prints from this period practically sell themselves!                                                  Above Left: The Spa Scarborough.  Above Right: Kew Gardens c1900.

 We are even currently throwing in free our unique 'Start-Up Manual' on disk to get you quickly up, running and selling. Overall, a really must-have collection offering tremendous scope for selling truly authentic looking reproduction prints!

Added Flexibility

OUR Large Tif Scans average 30mb and are ideal for those with a larger format printer. They can very happily be downsized too using photo editing software to, say, 300dpi at approx 9 x 12in. physically or less.

Like most others in our country-photochrom collections it now has the added flexibility of having two file formats included on the same disks - restored or enhanced 10x7in .jpg's as well as giant un-restored (average file size around 30mb) tiff scans for added flexibility. The latter are a little larger in physical size too (see details on left) and can be manipulated with any commonplace photo editing software.
                         Right: Turn of the Century Liverpool.

  Go HERE for several reduced resolution/size examples of Towns, Villages and Beauty Spots from all parts of England. Judging by our test marketing of the Prints, it's a real money spinner, particularly for those interested in either direct selling to local businesses or in offering wholesale print sales, framed or unframed, to gift shops everywhere!
Note: A DVD-compatible drive is required for accessing DVD disks.
Computers should also have adequate resources for handling large files.

BONUS OFFER: To get you quickly on the road towards making money with this business orientated collection, this week we will also throw in our handy 'Start-Up Manual' on disc, completely free - so buy the giant England 9-Volume Set right now!

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Fine Detail. A small section from the above (Cheapside, London, c1900).

*PHOTOCHROMS are the result of a long photo-print colorising process of old. Colour 'photos' were a great novelty in their day and the process was often used for very old scenic postcards. A little graininess due to their Antique nature and innovative (for their day) production process is compensated for by their obvious inherent charm and the rare and fascinating colour glimpses they offer of a previously solely black and white vintage era. They are especially desirable (and also very saleable) in this very much larger format not always available (be wary of low res. collections offered on CD).
Timecamera collections are suitable for both standard size and large format printer production.
Click here for more info and several picture examples: Photochroms

Above:- Valley Gardens, Harrogate c1900 (naturally all examples shown on this page are much reduced in size).

Bathing machines on the East Parade beach at Bognor turn of the century. At approx A4 print size this would
be 400 dpi resolution - or if a larger size is chosen, say 9 x 12 inches, the resolution would still be very high at 300dpi.

Note: The England Expansion Set is not available for inclusion as a 'standard' subject collection in a Business Package.

Another Big Collection:- Early Children's Illustrations

AN EXCITING 3-Volumes collection of some 750 early Children's Book Illustrations (Victorian to Edwardian). Featuring high-res. full size images this must-have set is jam-packed with beautiful lithographs and water colours from many famous illustrators of the day such as Kate Greenaway, Caldicott etc. Print sales of these real charmers are extremely promising and are sure to boost your business profits even higher! Each volume is packed with 250 large file size children's illustrations.



 England - Big 9-Volumes DVD Vintage Photochroms Image Collection

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