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 DVD 1 includes all the SIX bonus gifts shown below...                                       

Gift 1 (on DVD 1) Bonus Image Collection 'The Stars'


225 Celebrity Signed Photographs
(Uniquely Enhanced by Timecamera)

125 Stars of a different kind -
Superb Space Images including Nebulas, Galaxies & Planets!

THIS GIANT 350 restored-image bonus compilation (newly expanded) is to the same high standard as our other compilations -  if you already have a 'autographs' collection simply compare the noticeable quality difference.

 As is the norm with this genre a vague copyright grey area may exist with individual personalities' photos - particularly the more recent - with general arguments re. what constitutes public domain, particularly as most were issued for promotional and publicity purposes and are widely circulated.*

Now also includes a great selection of space images for Larger Format Printers!

 Attractive with great scope

How you use it therefore is left to you but discretion must be advised with any large scale use. While it cannot include our usual official print selling permission, as they fall within the time limit for copyright expiry, the disks' restorations / enhancements are very attractive regardless and do offer great scope.

The disk itself and the restorations are naturally copyrighted to us, being a recent work, and accordingly the same anti-copying prohibition applies as with our regular disks. The space type images are all public domain (credit to NASA and the Hubble Project if you utilize them for non-personal use) but, again they have been specially enhanced by us and are therefore unique. They also make beautiful screen savers.

As usual, all the files on the disc are larger than average (many megabytes for some of the outer space images) and the photo sizes vary from about normal emprints size up to 10x8inch blow-ups.

Many Beautiful Nebulas

    All have been pre-sized for standard home inkjet printing onto glossy photo paper - with none of the too-small to print images commonly found. Great talking pieces are included and famous faces in entertainment, sports and music!

These really are must-have collections!
* NOTE: 'bonuses' or 'free gifts' do not constitute part of the Timecamera Business Packs purchase price and are supplied without charge and without product support for your personal use only. Where not produced by us there is no guarantee of quality or a fit for purpose claim made or implied on behalf of the manufacturer. Where no title has been notified to us for the free gift offer a bonus disc will be included at random. All programmes/applications included are for Windows systems only.

Gifts 2 & 3 (on DVD 1) - Free Software Programmes:


1,000+ Novelty Bank Notes plus editing software to add your own personality pictures/text (such as 'Bank of Marilyn' to the left) to 10, 20 and 50 note templates. Great fun for personal use. Note: Regulations state that novelty notes must not be two-sided and should also be laminated immediately after printing!


The Day You Were Born provides an easy way to give a gift for nearly every occasion. Templates for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Children, Christmas, and Weddings included. Not just a great way to make gifts but also a potential money maker. Enter anyone's name and birth date and this free trial software displays facts about that day in history.


Gift 4 (on DVD 1)
Image Collection

- Iconic Photographs -

Fully restored and uniquely enhanced by Timecamera for Print Making, these famous iconic images are generally recognised as being in the public domain but also in the grey area described opposite. No official Print Sale Permission therefore but it is for you to decide how you wish to use these great 20th Century images.




Gift 5

Three-Dozen Ornate Antique Frames!
A Great Finishing Touch for Reproduction Prints & Photographs

THIS is a beautiful selection of period images for use as frames or borders by those with a little graphics skill and imagination. Supplied at a physical size of 10 inches on their longest side they are easily manipulated to suit the picture size.


As with all images in the Timecamera collections these are restored, enhanced and in several cases uniquely re-coloured and manipulated in keeping with the antique originals. Being unique they may NOT be copied for resale as a collection in whole or part and may only be used commercially in accordance with the Timecamera Terms of Use. Have creative fun!

  Gift 6 (on DVD #1) - Complete Book Scans on Picture Framing!

 OUR repro antique prints and photos can be sold in many different ways, as-is, matted, framed or printed onto other surfaces but for those that choose to go the framing route the choice then becomes whether to buy-in or to make your own frames. Either way,  the process of framing may seem just a little daunting to many.

The answer is here:- THREE complete scans of books on the subject which come with all the important illustrations included. For use with Adobe Reader (free if not already installed on your computer) the books are now out of copyright but techniques have changed very little over the years and these step-by-step guides to hosts of different framing methods and styles should prove extremely useful if you choose to mount and/or frame your own pictures - plus, best of all they are entirely free and will save you having to buy your own book/s on the subject. Enjoy!


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