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Birds of Paradise Prints c1873 Group 01. A3 size & 350dpi average resolution.


Birds of Paradise Prints c1873 Group 02. A3 size & 350dpi average resolution.


Birds of Paradise Prints c1873 Group 03. A3 size & 350dpi average resolution.


Birds of Paradise Prints c1873 Group 04. A3 size & 350dpi average resolution.


Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux de Paradis 1806
Group 01. A3; Average 360dpi.


Histoire Naturelle Des Perroquets 1801 Group 01.
Size A3;
Average 320dpi.


A Monograph
of the Pheasants Group 01 1918. Size A3; 360dpi.


Monograph of the Capitonide 1871 Group 01.
Size A3; 300dpi.


Monograph of the Capitonide 1871 Group 02.
Size A3; 300dpi.


Monograph of the Capitonide 1871 Group 03.
Size A3; 300dpi.


Monograph of the Capitonide 1871 Group 04.
Size A3; 300dpi.


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