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Professional Print-Making Collection ~ Ideal for Decor or Starting a Business!

(Volume 1)

BIG 10x7 Period Photochroms in Full Colour!

PRINT, frame and sell for cash authentic looking PERIOD SEASIDE SCENES from c1900. This Volume 1 CD - (See Vol.2 Here) - is exclusive to Timecamera and contains over 200 fascinating, ready-sized Edwardian period colourful beach images, already re-touched and perfect for framing. The file sizes are large - averaging several hundred K each - and the CD's full colour min. compression .jpg pictures are suitable for use on any system. The scene (Right) is one of heavily clad sunbathers at Margate, England in c1900.
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We have done all the long hours of work for you by retouching and optimising these antique images specially for printing and have converted them into large image files for you to create and frame your own authentic looking Prints directly from a standard photo quality inkjet or graphics capable computer Printer. Plenty of scope for Print retailing (and wholesaling) - without the usual copyright problems.

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AS WITH all the CD's in the Publisher Packs or stand alone compilations, there are exciting possibilities in both retail and wholesale. For example, this one CD alone offers enough scope for a very busy full-time business on just the wholesale side. As part of our test marketing we chose a deliberately small seaside resort in a remote location and decided on Largs in Scotland.

Real or Reproduction?
A GREAT deal of studio work has gone into restoring and enhancing these quality images for creating & selling truly authentic looking 10x7in. reproduction prints.

  Not to be confused with standard low-res, small un-restored image compilations with their copyright issues. There's a difference!

Terms of Use

THE LEGAL STUFF:  Please be sure to review the Terms of Use of this and our other business compilation CD's, plus general info. Click on the link.

THIS CD can be bought alone or   you can go the whole hog with a  Complete Business Package comprising your choice of 5 or more mixed subjects at a big wholesale discount for making thousands of authentic looking prints full-time. The special wholesale package now also includes our 22-page 'Start-Up Manual' on disc to help launch your business plus several valuable Bonus collections.
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 Several framed pictures were immediately sold retail to the pub on the waterfront (they're currently displayed in the lounge bar if you care to visit) plus regular wholesale supply orders for prints from two local gift shops. Imagine what sales would result from the larger resorts, with gift shops on practically every corner... And here's another thought - how about all those old hotels and businesses featured in many of these pictures? A wholesale order for pictures to grace a hundred rooms in just one of the hotels for example would be very profitable indeed.

 The scope is truly enormous and could have you on the road constantly if you wish, or busy doing it mail order, as very few have ever seen these charming old coloured photochroms. There are a great many other possibilities - which is why this entire package of  valuable Master Files is so viable a proposition for those seeking a genuine opportunity and why it has already been proven successful. So order immediately - by now you should already have begun to realize it does actually make a great deal of sense. After all, the potential market is huge, with everyone who lives or works in, or has ever visited - or has relatives living in these resorts - being among the very interested potential customers!                                       Above: Southsea, England, Turn of Century.

BONUS: This month in addition to the above we're also including a free extra Bonus Folder with a further 50 Victorian British and American seaside prints and p/cards to print too. Image file sizes up to 16mb each. Order Now!*


NOW included in addition to the U.K. scenes are several rare Turn of the Century USA photochroms too - PLUS a selection of un-retouched original scans in giant 30mb .tif format too. Tremendous Money-Making Opportunities. Buy Now!

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Many Famous Resorts...

AMONG the images included on this top value CD are classic seaside scenes from many famous British resorts, such as - Aberystwith, Blackpool, Bognor, Bournemouth, Bridlington, Brighton, Brixham, Broadstairs, Bude, Clacton, Clovelly, Colwyn Bay, Cowes, Dawlish, Deal, Douglas, Dover, Exmouth, Folkestone, Grange Over Sands, Hastings, Helensburgh, Herne Bay, Hunstanton, Ilfracombe, Littlehampton, Llandudno, Lowestoft, Margate, Morecambe, Morthoe, Mundsley,  Newquay, Padstow, Paignton, Penmaenmawr, Plymouth, Portobello, Portsmouth, Ramsgate, Redcar, Ryde, Rhyl, Sandown, Saltburn, Sandgate, Scarborough, Skegness, Southend, Southport, Southsea, Southwold, St. |Ives, Swanage, Teignmouth, Tenby, Torquay, Ventnor, Weston, Worthing, Weymouth, Whitby, Yarmouth, and many more!

See Our New High Res. European Collection Here:-  (Volume 2)
Unique Seaside Scenes from other European Countries
* High Resolution 300dpi * Fully Restored *
* Tiff Files * Enlargeable *


Hello, Thank you for the very fast delivery of the Seaside CD which I ordered yesterday and received at 7.30am this morning. The quality is brilliant and I have sold 2 already today. Having previously bought these several hundred poor quality images on CD it has been a revelation as to just how good your own product is. Once again thanks for good service and a great product and you can quote me on this anytime. Regards Len Maylin.
(Original on file).


Highly Detailed

Above: Detail from the early antique10x7in Blackpool scene, left.




Edwardian Seaside Scenes
-Dealer's Master Images-

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